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We help active women with pelvic pain, leaking problems, or who just want to get their body back after baby confidently return to their active lifestyles

People Who We Help Include...

Busy Moms and Women

Who want to get back to exercise but are short on time, are unsure where to start, and want some guidance in safe exercise to avoid pain and injury


Health Conscious Women

Who want to look healthier, feel more energized, and be able to run after their kids all day (even after their favorite workout routine or class at the gym) …WITHOUT being held back by pain or stiffness.


Pregnant Women

Who want knowledge and guidance to deal with the changes their body is going through with pregnancy and who want to stay active throughout pregnancy WITHOUT risk of pain or injury to themselves of their baby


Postpartum Moms

Who have been told to ease back into their exercise and fitness routine and want to feel strong, confident, and in control so they can



Who are navigating the world of post-menopause and want to be intimate with their partners WITHOUT fear or pain


Active Women

Who want to be able to go out with friends, exercise, and enjoy daily life WITHOUT making multiple trips to the bathroom or worrying about leaking when they laugh, cough, or sneeze


Female Athletes

Who want to avoid pain, bladder leaks, or injury so they can enjoy their workouts, improve their performance, and outwork the competition



Who want to improve their game, stop injury, and improve overall performance to outwork the competition.

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About Our Owner

Dr. Nicole E. Laird, PT, DPT

Nicole Laird helps women feel like themselves again and return to the activities and exercises they love by avoiding those extra bathroom trips, stopping pain, and helping them navigate the many changes that women’s bodies go through over a lifetime.


As a mother herself, Nicole understands that it is hard to figure out how to get it all done. 


After having her son, and realizing that there was a huge lack of information, guidance, and knowledge for postpartum women, Nicole knew she had to help guide women back to their health, fitness, and exercise routines safely.  


Nicole was plagued with minor injury after injury when trying to return to her favorite activities of CrossFit, yoga, and running after having her son, she knew she needed to develop a safe place for women to learn how to build strength again from the inside out. 


She made it her mission to guide as many women through the journey of pregnancy and postpartum health and fitness as possible.  She NEVER wants a woman to feel alone or as though she has to stop all activities she loves because of pain or discomfort.  She wanted to be able to empower women to understand all the changes that happen to their body and how to safely navigate through all of life’s stages to remain active and energized for a lifetime.  That’s why she knew she had to start Hays County Physical Therapy and Wellness.  


Located inside a Soul Yoga PCin Kyle, TX, Hays County Physical Therapy and Wellness empowers women looking to get their body back after baby (even after 30 years), avoid extra bathroom trips, and avoid pelvic pain to feel like themselves again and return to the activities and exercises they love. Being able to help so many women is a dream come true for Nicole.


Nicole graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from St. Edward’s Universityand went on to pursue a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Texas Woman’s Universityin Houston.


She is trained in pelvic floor function, dysfunction, and treatment, is a member of the Global Pelvic Health Alliance , is a certified Clinical Athlete Weightlifting Coach through Clinical Athlete and is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association's Section on Women's Health. Nicole is also a certified personal trainer through American College of Sports Medicineand is a Precision NutritionLevel 1 coach.