As a father of three, he has had the pleasure of assisting his wife throughout all stages of pregnancy, labor, delivery and recovery. His passion for birth has been driven by his wife who is a certified childbirth educator as well as a birth doula. Over the last six years, he and his wife have been on an educational journey learning all aspects of the pregnancy, birthing and postpartum healing process. This has fueled his desire to further educate and assist other women in the community. 


Russell graduated from Louisiana Tech University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology with dual concentrations in Pre-Med/Pre-Dental and animal physiology. He achieved his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from The University of St Augustine for Health Sciences in Austin, TX.


He is trained in manual therapy techniques, movement analysis, strengthening, and postural correction techniques.

Dr. Russell Hutzler, PT, DPT
Physical Therapist

Russell assists individuals in returning to normal function with everyday activities as well as higher level performance activities by helping them address key muscle imbalances, reducing pain, and gaining the required strength needed to perform such tasks. He is also passionate about assisting women during the prenatal and postnatal phases in order to give them an improved quality of life through education on postural exercises, improving low back pain, and addressing core/pelvic floor imbalances.


Having spent the majority of his career working in a hospital and inpatient rehab setting, Dr. Hutzler was able to treat and work with individuals of all ages with a wide range of medical diagnoses. These medical diagnoses include but are not limited to: neurological disorders, post surgical/orthopedic disorders, and other general debility disorders.


Russell has been an athlete throughout his life so he understands the significance of proper form and postural awareness during physical and functional activity. This background of higher level performance drives his clinical skills for movement analysis and postural correction. He is passionate about seeing all individuals achieve higher than expected goals.