About Janine

Certified Personal Trainer

Pilates & Yoga Instructor

Janine moved to Austin in 1998 to attend UT and received her Bachelors in Kinesiology in 2001. She is an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer and Peak Pilates Mat Instructor specializing in post-rehab work with clients who have had knee, hip and shoulder injuries. She works to improve their balance, strength, mobility and flexibility using a blend of yoga, pilates, and functional movements.


Janine is a graduate of the Waking Yoga Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher Training. She is excited to bring this knowledge of yoga by teaching students how they can regulate their own nervous system through the breath, various self care techniques and finding a yoga practice they can call their own. 


In her spare time, you can find Janine and her husband Chad, watching their son play baseball, basketball, golf or tennis. She also has a love for all things yoga,  traveling, reading and being outdoors, especially exploring hiking trails around the area. 


Janine believes that we can all find Mindful Wellness~ a way to connect the mind to the body through movement. She teaches how to do this in her private & small group sessions along with yoga, pilates and functional strength classes. She is excited to join the amazing team at Hays County Physical Therapy & Wellness Studio! 

What is  Yoga?

Yoga is a multi-faceted approach to exercise that focuses on promoting stretching, mental focusing and centered breathing.  

​If you are seeking out ways to relax or stay fit, yoga may be for you.  Learn ways to modify your yoga practice to fit your needs and your body. Feel free to take the time to speak with your instructor about your  journey before starting the class.

Research has suggested that when yoga is safely practiced, it may have significant benefits  including:

  • Improved sleep

  • Increased strength

  • Increased flexibility

  • Improved endurance of muscles needed for daily activities

  • Reduced stress and/or anxiety

  • Decreased lower back pain

  • Decreased nausea and headaches

  • Decreased shortness of breath

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