When Can I lift again after having my baby?

If you are like many women, you want to know when you can get back to what you were doing before you had your child? Maybe you did CrossFit, HIIT workouts, yoga, or you went to boot camp style workouts. Maybe you lifted weights at home or did home videos and are wondering, is it ok for me to go back to doing these activities? How much can I do? How much should I do?

You are not alone. Many women wonder these same things, how much is too much?

It is best to wait until you get the "all clear" from you Ob/Gyn or midwife to return to activities. It will depend on your labor and delivery, your pre-pregnancy health and fitness, and your health and fitness routine while you were pregnant. However, if your Ob/Gyn is anything like mine, her words were "...just ease back into it." That was the extent of my instructions.

This conversation with my Ob/Gyn is exactly why I journeyed down the road of women's health physical therapy, but that's a story for another time.