Being able to help so many women is a dream come true for Nicole. Her practice aims to help women through education and therapy.  When it comes to back pain relief, working to get your abdominal muscles back, accidental urine leaking or pelvic pain, we want you to know that it is not your new norm.  We work with you to get your body back to health so you can confidently return to the activities & exercises you love without the use of medications or surgery. 

Pelvic floor conditions are especially affecting our patients’ ability to work, drive, exercise and fulfill their roles as family members and significant others. People affected by these conditions can become socially withdrawn, anxious, sedentary, affecting the rest of their lives and health profile.


We aim to empower women to understand all the changes that happen to their body and how to safely navigate through all of life’s stages to remain active and energized for a lifetime. Select a topic from the drop down menu to access resources created for you. 

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