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What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Hays County Physical Therapy and Wellness...

BH confidently transformed her postpartum body to be healthy and active again.


"Dr. Laird was tremendously helpful throughout my postpartum journey. I worked out consistently before giving birth to my first son and thought I was going to hit the ground running again afterwards.  Nicole taught me how to build my core strength and overall stamina at a pace that would not cause injury to my body.  Most importantly, she was patient, understanding, motivational, and realistic with my expectations.  I highly recommend Dr. Laird.  She is truly a great physical therapist and health coach. "  BH

CL overcame knee pain in order to return to running and weightlifting again!!


“I was having trouble taking steps or putting weight through my leg which was keeping me from work. My knee felt like it would "locked up."  After one visit, Dr. Laird was able to teach me how to stretch and move so that I could walk again and get back to work pain free.” - CL

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