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Back Pain Got You Down?

The number one thing that people complain of is back pain. No matter how old, how young, how fit, or how strong someone is, at some point in his or her life, back pain creeps up. It can be just a small “twinge” to something that takes you out for weeks at a time leaving you unable to get up off the couch.

Many of our pregnant and postpartum moms complain of back pain. Even years following childbirth, women complain of back pain. Back pain can occur for a number of reasons. Poor posture over time, sitting too much, standing for too long, poor body mechanics, carrying objects or kids on one side, tight muscles, weak muscles, and a number of other personal factors.

In pregnancy, your posture changes significantly as the baby continues to grow and move. This puts increased pressure on the spine and can increase your risk of low back pain. Depending on your activity level before and during pregnancy, and your individual pregnancy, you may be moving differently, maybe moving less, or maybe moving more which can make a big difference on how your body responds.

In the postpartum period, your body is recovering from pregnancy and childbirth and being stretched for the past 9 months or so. The muscles are relearning how to work and coordinate for day to day activities. You are also learning how to move while holding and caring for a child. You are moving in ways that your body did not move before childbirth which may be putting more stress on your back. Your abdominal muscles, which support the spine and hips have been stretched to their max and are not as responsive as they were before pregnancy, so you must learn to connect to your core and relearn how to move safely and effectively.

Excessive abdominal weight gain can have a similar effect as pregnancy…placing extra pressure in the front of the body causing the back to arch slightly and increasing back pain risk.

Ok…you have back pain, how do you get rid of it? Maybe you’ve tried, rest, painkillers, stretching, massage, ice, or heat, and nothing seems to give you lasting relief. What else is there? We’ve got some tips and tricks in our free report.

You may be asking, “Why hasn’t all the other stuff worked yet?” That’s because no one has given you the right combination of exercises, stretches, and hands on techniques that get to the root cause of YOUR pain. Each person is different from the way their bones are structured to the way their body responds to the pregnancy and postpartum period. That’s why we recommend getting an individual assessment by a back pain expert to put together a plan just for you so you can get back to the exercises, activities, and life you want to lead.

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