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We help active women with pelvic pain, leaking problems, or who just want to get their body back after baby confidently return to their active lifestyles

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BH confidently transformed her postpartum body to be healthy and active again.


"Dr. Laird was tremendously helpful throughout my postpartum journey. I worked out consistently before giving birth to my first son and thought I was going to hit the ground running again afterwards.  Nicole taught me how to build my core strength and overall stamina at a pace that would not cause injury to my body.  Most importantly, she was patient, understanding, motivational, and realistic with my expectations.  I highly recommend Dr. Laird.  She is truly a great physical therapist and health coach. "  BH

ST confidently improved her quality of life after childbirth.


“I was looking for help to heal my body after giving birth. All I can say is that i feel 100% better after working with the therapists to learn how to manage and treat my symptoms for a better quality of life. The physical therapists listen carefully to your concerns, explain everything in detail and use excellent bedside manner. I started to feel better after my second session." ST

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Nicole Laird's Story...

Nicole Laird helps women feel like themselves again and return to the activities and exercises they love by avoiding those extra bathroom trips, stopping pain, and helping them navigate the many changes that women’s bodies go through over a lifetime.


As a mother herself, Nicole understands that it is hard to figure out how to get it all done. 


After having her son, and realizing that there was a huge lack of information, guidance, and knowledge for postpartum women, Nicole knew she had to help guide women back to their health, fitness, and exercise routines safely.  Read More

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