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Prenatal and Postpartum Physical Therapy

We work with you to determine the exercises and tools you need to return to all the activities you need, want to, or love to do.
Are you pregnant and dealing with pelvic pain, back pain, or hip discomfort? Or maybe you are wondering if there is a better way to prepare your body for labor and delivery. Have you just had a child and wondered where to start to get back to your pre-baby activities? Did you have a c-section but weren’t given any instructions on how to get back to all of the activities you love to do? Are you having bladder leakage but have been told, “Well that is just the way it is now.”? (Remember: just because something is common, doesn’t mean it is normal or ok.) Are you experiencing urinary leakage when you run, jump, laugh, or cough? Are you having trouble picking up your child due to back pain, hip pain, or pelvic pain? Do you want to get on the floor to play with your kids, but the thought of getting back up is unbearable? Do you want to run and jump with your family, but are afraid of pain or leaking urine?
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If you answered “YES” to any of the questions, then let us help you.

Preparing your body for labor and delivery is a subject that is often overlooked and not prioritized. Prenatal physical therapy can help strengthen your constantly changing body and help navigate your shifting center of gravity, posture, and breathing so you can feel strong, pain free, and confident as you navigate pregnancy and labor and delivery.

Postpartum physical therapy can help safely get you back to the activities you love, and help you find a new, stronger body after birth. It can also help with c-section recovery since so many women are not given any guidance on what to do after this major surgery.

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*Note: there is no treatment given at one of our taster sessions. It’s for you to ask us more questions and for us to confirm whether or not we think we can help you.

At Hays County Physical Therapy and Wellness, we specialize in prenatal and postpartum physical therapy. We provide one-on-one services that are individualized to each person’s needs and goals. We focus on partnering with our patients, gaining a full understanding of the issue, and providing a quality plan of care aimed to heal you of pain and/or discomfort without the use of injections, medications, or surgery. Our knowledgeable staff will take the time to talk you through each movement and fully explain how it relates to your goals in each session.

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