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C-Section Does Not “Spare Your Pelvic Floor”

Did you have a c-section delivery? Did you know that this is a major abdominal surgery? You had your abdominal wall cut through to get to that baby. And, keep in mind, you had a pregnancy with a growing baby that put stress and strain on your body, your pelvic floor, your abdominals. During pregnancy, … Read more

“My Insides Feel Like They’re Falling Out”

Ever felt like this? I hear this concern ALL THE TIME! “I just had a baby, and I feel like my insides are coming out, especially at the end of the day.” or “I’ve been told I have a prolapse, but I’m not sure what to do next.” This is so very common. Vaginal heaviness, … Read more

5 Tips to Improve Your Health During Cold and Flu Season

We hear it year after year, day after day, especially during flu season and now more than ever that we should take care of ourselves, take care of our health to avoid getting sick and to avoid getting others sick as well. How do you go about staying healthy when it feels like you have … Read more

Telehealth/Virtual Physical Therapy in Women’s Health, Does It Work?

Over the past several weeks, with COVID-19 taking over the headlines, our worlds have been flipped upside down. Our work schedules have changed, our childcare schedules have definitely changed, and in general, we’re collectively working off a “new normal” and converting to digital sessions in all aspects of our life is one of the top … Read more

Recovery From C-section Vs. Vaginal Delivery

Recovery from childbirth can be intimidating, scary, and just downright hard. We get asked all the time from expecting moms, especially those who are expecting multiples, “what is the difference between a c-section and vaginal delivery when it comes to recovery?” or “Can I save my pelvic floor if I opt for a C-section?” So … Read more

How to check for Diastasis Recti

Abdominal separation is all the talk these days. It seems that a lot of prominent fitness experts are coming out with new programs on “how I healed my diastasis.” As we talked in previous posts, diastasis is a separation of the abdominal muscles from the linea alba (the midline fascia/connective tissue). One of the most … Read more

Is Prenatal Yoga Right for Me?

Staying healthy and active throughout your pregnancy is helpful in many ways. It improves mood, improves strength, decreases aches and pains, and decreases fatigue. So of all exercises, could prenatal yoga be a good fit for you? Prenatal yoga can be helpful to allow you to relax and stay fit throughout your pregnancy. According to … Read more

Should You Do Postpartum/Postnatal Pilates?

Getting back into an exercise routine can be challenging, especially with the lack of sleep, never-ending to-do list, and working to set up a new routine. Working up to your previous fitness routine takes time and proper progression to avoid injury or set backs. Starting back with high intensity exercises such as running, jumping, or … Read more

5 Ways To Improve Healing After Pregnancy

After giving birth, the body is going through large amount of changes, not to mention your family is going through a major adjustment period. Recovery should be a primary goal for most new moms. Rest and recover. Here are my top 5 ways to improve healing and recovery after pregnancy and delivery. 1. Take things … Read more