Is Prenatal Yoga Right for Me?

Staying healthy and active throughout your pregnancy is helpful in many ways. It improves mood, improves strength, decreases aches and pains, and decreases fatigue. So of all exercises, could prenatal yoga be a good fit for you?

Prenatal yoga can be helpful to allow you to relax and stay fit throughout your pregnancy.

According to The Mayo Clinic, prenatal yoga can:

- Improve Sleep

- Decrease Stress and Anxiety

- Improve Strength, Flexibility, and Overall Endurance

- Decrease Low Back Pain, Nausea, Headaches, and Shortness of Breath

Sounds pretty great, right? Yoga is a gentle way to improve your fitness, function, stretch, and strengthen so that you can move through pregnancy with ease (well, more ease than without physical activity).

During class you will experience breath work, which is very important for childbirth. You will work on different postures, poses, and positions that allow your body to move through a range of motions and you will find some comfortable positions to stretch and strengthen your body. You will be guided through relaxation and meditation in most classes which will help reduce anxiety and stress in most women.

Prenatal yoga can be a great addition to your fitness routine and a wonderful way to stretch and strengthen and prepare for childbirth and beyond. If you want to get in on some yoga, check out our class offerings here.

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