Recovery From C-section Vs. Vaginal Delivery

Recovery from childbirth can be intimidating, scary, and just downright hard. We get asked all the time from expecting moms, especially those who are expecting multiples, "what is the difference between a c-section and vaginal delivery when it comes to recovery?" or "Can I save my pelvic floor if I opt for a C-section?"

So what is the difference. Well, there is the obvious difference in the way the child enters the world. The recovery for each process is just different. No better/worse, nothing bad/good, just different. You may have your own opinions and each woman will find what is best for her.

With a vaginal delivery, you may or may not have had tearing, or an episiotomy, or an assisted delivery. You may have delivered lying on your back, on your side, standing up, squatting, or some other way. you may have had an epidura